Data Science Mini Bachelor
Certificate Program

Distributed Learning Courses & Summer Research Workshop
Sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) Program: No. 2142514, No. 2142317, No. 2142265.

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Equips students with these comprehensive skills to address real-world problems.

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Data Mining

Focuses on extracting meaningful patterns and information from large datasets.

Data Management

Emphasizes effective organization, storage, retrieval, and maintenance of data.

Data Visualization

Teaches the effective presentation of data through visual techniques to aid understanding.

Machine Learning

Investigates algorithms and techniques that empower computers to learn from data.

Math Modeling & Simulation

Explores the application of math models and simulations to solve real-world problems.

Cloud Computing

Covers the utilization of cloud-based technologies for efficient data storage, processing, and analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this program about?

The Mini-Bachelor Data Science program opens doors to careers in the big data revolution. It offers 5 domain-agnostic courses and 5 domain-specific courses, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of data science principles and their applications in various fields. Upon completion, students receive a Mini-Bachelor DS certificate, signifying proficiency in data science skills, boosting career prospects in fields where actionable insights from big data are highly valued.

What skills can I gain from the program?

Upon completion, students will be able to apply data science principles within specific domains such as biology, ecology, or public health. They will also acquire proficiency in statistics and machine learning to solve real-world problems, assess and critique data mining algorithms, and effectively communicate findings using visualization tools and ethical considerations.

How do I complete this program?

The program utilizes competency-based learning assessment, allowing students to progress at flexible paces. Completion of 3 Data Science courses from the 10 listed, along with a summer research workshop or data-intensive internship, qualifies students for the Mini-Bachelor DS certificate.

Can I integrate this program courses with my existing undergraduate degree?

Yes, the DS program is flexible and can be combined with your current undergraduate degree at our partner universities. This allows you to create a personalized learning path that aligns with your academic goals.

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