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This page publishes the relevant activities that the participants like to share, including publications, research projects, workshops, and outreach activities related to the CDSE Education.


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• Steven Lehr, Hong Liu, Sean Klinglesmith, Alex Konyha, Natalia Robaszewska, Jacob Medinilla, Use Educational Data Mining to Predict Undergraduate Retention, to appear at the Proceeding of 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies ‐ ICALT2016, Austin, Texas.

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Invited talks, special sessions, and symposia:

· Hong Liu (presenter), Matthew Ikle (Presenter), Michael Spector, and Jerry Klein, Crowdsourcing, Cyberlearning, and Coalition to Empower Small Universities, AAAS PI Symposium Envisioning the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education, Research and Practice, April 27 - 29 in Washington DC, 2016.

· PI leading discussion session, presenters: Marianne Caldwell, Hong Liu, Zahed Siddique, Frank Vahid, Ping Wang, and Michael Spector, Challenges and Opportunities for STEM Online Education, AAAS PI Symposium Envisioning the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education, Research and Practice, April 27 - 29 in Washington DC, 2016.

· Hong Liu, Ludu, et. al, Co-Chair with Michael Spector, Cyberlearning Technology and Deep Learning Assessment in CSE Education SIAM Computational Science & Engineering Conference 2015, Salt-Lake City.

· Hong Liu, Andy Ludu, et. al, Co-chair Hong Liu, Angela Shiflet, MiniSymposium in SIAM Annual Conference, Educational Innovations in CSE, Present Coalition for Undergraduate Computational Science & Engineering Education Proof of Concept, Chicago, July, 2014.

· Hong Liu, Co-Chair with Ersoy Subasi, SIAM SEA Conference 2014, Advance Computational Science Education through Learning Analytics and Massive Open Online Courses, Melbourne, Florida, March 2014.


B4A Project: Use Textual mining to build a Blog Assignment Auto Assessment Aid-on to the Open Learning Initiative Course in Mathematical Modeling and Simulation.

Status, In progress

iCycle Project"


o Summer Workshop 2020 On Leveraging A.I., Big Data, and Distributed Learning Technology to Promote Peer Learning and Improve Cyberlearning Courses

o Summer Workshop 2019 On Advancing Intelligent Agent for Project-based Collaborative Learning

o CMU LearnLab Summer Workshop 2017

Outreach Events

SeaPerch Competition for K12 Students at Daytona Beach Area in May 6, 2017