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This website is a virtual educational observatory (VEO) to aid in tracking learning strategies and to help assess the impacts of the project sponsored by NSF TUES 1244967, and IUSE 1626602. The website contains the links to all course websites and consists of course syllabi, lecture notes, and other course resources. The Observation page allows participants to leave remarks about what works, what did not work, and what could be modified for course and project improvement.

The Coalition of Colleges

Adams State University (HSI)

  • Dr. Matt Ikle, Professor in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Dr. Comfort Cover, Associate Professor in Computer Science

Bethune-Cookman University

  • Raphael Isokpehi, Professor in Biology and Data Science

ERAU Daytona Beach, FL

  • Dr. Hong Liu, Professor in Mathematics and Computing
  • Dr. Jiawei Yuan, Assistant Professor in Computer Science
  • Dr. Hajara Mahmood, Associate Director of Center of Teaching and Learning Excellence

Hampden Sydney College, Virginia

  • Dr. Michael Wolyniak, Professor in Biology
  • Dr. Bill Anderson, Professor in Geology


  • Dr. Michael J. Spector, Professor in Learning Technology at U of North Texas.
  • Dr. Jerry Klein, Instructional Designer, Retired